Farewell for now fellow followers

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This is my goodbye post, there’s something bittersweet about knowing my blog is coming to an end. I really enjoyed learning how to blog, this was my first time and I found it rewarding and challenging.

I don’t see myself continuing this beat in particular, but I would like to explore other interests and see how I can adapt them into a blog. I’m a poet at heart, so maybe, who knows whats next.

I hope everyone who has followed or visited my blog enjoyed my posts, and know a little more about Atlantic City. Have an amazing summer and come visit me at AC!

Peace, Love, and forever Happiness


Atlantic City: Feel the Love

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Being a South Jersey girl has made me accustom to the beach, more specifically the beaches of Atlantic City. The luxury of the boardwalk to which I consider a piece of home has lasting appeal to those who visit in the summer. The hustle and bustle of summer shoobees are forever welcomed and loved.

Take your red plastic pails and slather on that sunblock, because there is nothing like the ocean breeze inviting you to enjoy what we locals so dearly love. Brendan Santangelo, 27, feels at home with his feet in the sand, “I’ve been an Atlantic City lifeguard since I was 14; I live for the summer. I’m a fish; I belong by the ocean.”

I remember watching fireworks from the beach on Fourth of July from families of different last names, but enjoy each others company just the same. Albany Avenue is my childhood beach, and I revel at the joy this beach brings to kids, just as it did for me.

I’m not the only one to tell you why there is just something about Atlantic City that makes me forever in love with it. The video takes pieces of locals and long time standings expressing what they like about Atlantic City.

For all those who feel I’m merely inflating the beauty of Atlantic City, there is nothing more beautiful than to always be able to look back on a place, no matter how long, and still see a piece of home.


One Breath

In all that quintessential muck they try to call AC

A timeless sense of reliability remains

Forever changing, but never forgetting

the past that has brought us here.

In the sands of time

Standing on the threshold of water

and land

I lay at the shore

because I am sure

I can always call it home.

Map Out a Thursday Night in Atlantic City

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I get asked a lot about “where’s the place to go tonight?” or “What’s good around here?” and I thought about it, if you ask me on the weekends I can give you a plethora of answers. What might be harder, for those who aren’t too familiar with Atlantic City, is finding somewhere to go right before the weekend kicks off. Here’s to starting off the weekend early and having fun on a Thursday night. A map for those who come to AC a day early here is an exciting way to spend your evening.


Face the Night: Creative Tips to Optimize the Use of Your Makeup for a Night Out

•April 14, 2013 • 3 Comments

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but I beg to differ. Makeup is a girl’s best friend, and when getting ready to go out for the night we need our best friend to have our backs. I have tips that help use extra makeup in creative ways and show how to get full use out of the others. A girl who enjoys her nightlife will enjoy these useful tips.

  1. Concealer stick running low: Use a small blush brush or eye shadow brush and use that to apply the leftover concealer by lightly brushing the concealer under your eyes and any spots you find necessary. The brush grabs a hold of the extra concealer you can’t reach, and doesn’t make it appear cakey after application.

    Almay stick concealer and blush brush  photo taken by me

    Almay stick concealer and blush brush
    photo taken by me

  2. No black eyeliner: Use a thin brush or modified q-tip (shown in the picture) and use your mascara to define your eyes. Using the mascara will provide power stay and likely won’t need to be reapplied during the night. For a smokey-eye look, use black eye shadow with a thin brush or modified q-tip.

    1, 2, 3, Step change to modify a q-tip  photo taken by me

    1, 2, 3, Step change to modify a q-tip
    photo taken by me

  3. Can’t find a red lip to match your skin tone: The red lip is in! The problem is not every red is going to look good on you, but before you give up try this little tip: after applying a red lipstick that might be too bold for your skin, apply a nude lip gloss that you are comfortable with. This will dull down the intensity of the red and blend better within your whole look for the night. Don’t be afraid to mix reds to create your own color, it’ll make you original and comfortable with using loud reds. (Note: The before and after photo behind toning down red lipstick appears to have subtle change within the colors, but in reality the change is much more noticeable.)
    Different shades of red lipstick  photo taken by me

    Different shades of red lipstick the work well with each other. Helpful when mixing colors.
    photo taken by me

    before and after on how to tone down intense red lipsticks  photo taken & edited by me

    before and after on how to tone down intense red lipsticks
    photo taken & edited by me

  4. Make your nose appear narrower: Want your nose to look narrower? A simple and quick way which I use in order to achieve this is by using a nude pale eye shadow or powder (if you have it) and a thin brush. Apply a thin line of nude eye shadow or powder on each side of your nose and blend it in. Pinch your nose and you will naturally touch the part of your nose that needs application. There is a more in-depth way to make your nose seem thinner; it takes a little longer, but this way is more professional and might provide better results.

    brushes of different sizes to help apply makeup. photo taken by me

    brushes of different sizes to help apply makeup. First two long thin brushes are eye shadow brushes, the smaller thicker brush is a small blush brush.
    photo taken by me

  5. Shape your eye brows: Some days you wake up and your eyebrows just don’t want to cooperate. Instead of wetting them and hoping they stay the way you want them to, spray a little bit of hairspray after wetting your eyebrows so they don’t lose their shape. Those who don’t use pencil to draw in thicker eyebrows will find this tip helpful.
  6. Dried out eyeliner pencil: Don’t throw it away! It’s an easy fix, just run the tip of it over a small flame. Don’t run it through the flame, run it over the flame in order to soften the makeup.
  7. Keeping all your makeup products clean: Use white vinegar, it’s a natural disinfectant that keeps everything clean. Put some in a little spray bottle and spray the applicator or a paper towel and wipe your brushes down. Any bargain brand white vinegar will work. It’s a cheap easy way to make sure all your applicators stay clean, and also prevents your skin from breaking out.

The products and brands I personally use and those shown in the photos: Ulta brushes, Clinque blush brushes, Clinque mascara, Almay stick concealer, Revlon ColorStay lipstick (Catwalk, Fashionista), Loreal lipstick (410 Volcanic), Clinque lipstick and lip gloss (Shy, Ice Bloom, Think Bronze), Naked 2 Urban Decay black eye shadow (blackout).

Audio Interview with a Young Bally’s Casino Manager Jenna Giovinco

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Jenna Giovinco, as stated in my preview post, is a Bally’s Casino Manager who works grave and swing shifts. While she works the night owl hours, Jenna also attends Richard Stockton College as a full time student. The lackadaisical manners of Jenna while interviewing her just shows how routine these long hours are in Atlantic City. She is a young woman with an old soul, which makes you wonder was it her personality that sat so easily with AC, or is it AC that formed this personality?


Faces of Jenna Giovinco

Faces of Jenna Giovinco


Preview to my Audio Interview with Jenna Giovinco: Positively Balancing of School and Work

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Time to dive into the drive it takes to attend school and work with an audio interview with Jenna Giovinco. She’s a student at Richard Stockton College and works for Bally’s Casino. She was introduced to me as the ‘on shift night manager’ at Bally’s Bikini Beach Bar (last year known as Sammy’s Beach Bar, and has now changed back to Bikini Beach Bar) towards the end of the year last summer. She was a bouncy ball ricocheting off the casino walls, because not only did I see her at the beach bar, I saw her at the Blue Martini and Mountain Bar. I want to find out what her hours are like, and how she finds time for a social life. How many cups of coffee does it take for Jenna Giovinco to make it through the day? With a peppy outgoing personality she appears to make her long days seem effortless, and maybe there are secrets she knows to make her day seem that way.

Photos of Trump Beach Bar: Dismantled by Sandy and Not Returning for Another Summer

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walking off the boardwalk

walking off the boardwalk

dismantled fence

dismantled fence

Exit Please

Exit Please

floor boards pulled apart

floor boards pulled apart

most of the floor is still on the beach

most of the floor is still on the beach

gazebos protected by the dunes

gazebos protected by the dunes

close-up on the gazebos

close-up on the gazebos

Sandy: A storm that left a lasting mark on the shore. The pictures and the videos that captured the storm are not the only thing that keep Sandy everlasting, some destroyed structures are still there too. One of these structures is the Trump Beach Bar. And when walking down to the beach and seeing the dismantled bar it brings you back to the times when the bar was lively and loud.

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